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Currently, due to the user’s full access to ticket preparation and management, there is no need for support.
You can call us on 021-37993144 and 09025645995 only if you see an error.

In case of successful purchase, you will be sent a booking SMS and ticket email.

Payment may be rejected by the bank or your transaction may fail due to security rules. To follow up on the reservation status, call 021-37993144 and 09025645995.

The flight rate in a flight class can be different according to the time of purchase and the time the passenger spends at his destination. This difference in cost is based on demand.

Yes, in the online sales system of Yazd Airlines, it is possible to choose different flight classes for each route.

You can find the details of a specific flight by entering the Yazd Airlines website with the reservation code (PNR), flight date and Latin surname of you or the buyer. Also, after selecting the ticket search option, you can enter your Karri account and view all your past and future flights.

No, only the person whose name and surname is written on the ticket can use it for travel.

If the amount is deducted from your account but the ticket has not been issued, the refund will be done automatically within 72 hours.

Yes, you can see all the domestic destinations of Yazd Airlines from the domestic destinations page and the international destinations of Yazd Airlines from the foreign destinations page.

Yes, it is possible to buy tickets with other people’s credit cards.

To find out about the status of domestic flights, visit and also visit to view foreign flights.

Yazd Airlines informs its passengers through SMS and email in case of flight cancellation or change.
Note: It is mandatory to enter the passenger’s phone number when booking the ticket.

No, all requests must be followed up through the support of the site from which the purchase was made.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer the ticket to another person. If you are unable to travel, depending on the applicable booking rate rules, you may be able to get a refund for your ticket.

You can make your request by contacting the online sales unit of Yazd Airlines at 021-37993144. After the desired person is separated from the initial reservation, the support team issues a new reservation number to change the date and cancel their ticket.

Yes! The percentage of crimes is the same as the cancellation conditions.

You can cancel your ticket; But the ticket cancellation fee is different based on the rate conditions.

You can make your request by contacting the online sales unit of Yazd Airlines at 021-37993144. After the desired person is separated from the initial reservation, the support team issues a new reservation number to change the date and cancel their ticket.

The refundable amount is calculated based on the fare conditions of the ticket, and if there are non-refundable fees, this fee will be deducted from the payment.

In case of cancellation of the reservation, the amount payable will be automatically returned to the card through which the initial purchase was made through the bank within 72 hours.

The return of the ticket can be tracked and possible up to 6 months from the time of issue, and after that, due to the deletion of information and details from the system, it is non-refundable and will be canceled.

Passengers who have been issued a sticker (tag) upon delivery of the cargo are recognized by the company as the owner of the cargo.

Passengers with children aged 2 to 12 have the same right to baggage allowance as adults. This amount for a baby is 10 kg.

Every passenger is allowed to carry clothes under the following conditions:
• A suitcase or package with the total dimensions (length + width + height) of 158 cm is acceptable.
• Allowed baggage for business class passengers on international routes is 35 kg and normal class passenger is 30 kg.
• Allowed baggage for business class passengers on domestic routes is 25 kg and normal class passenger is 20 kg.
• The weight of a bag or package should not exceed 30 kg.
• Allowed baggage for passengers on connecting flights from domestic to international or vice versa with Yazd Airlines, if the time interval between arrival and departure of the flight is not more than 48 hours, is considered based on the amount of baggage allowed on international routes.

Yes, a wheelchair used by a disabled passenger is acceptable without any extra charge.
In Yazd plane, one wheelchair passenger is acceptable. It is mandatory to insert the SSR of the wheelchair request and get confirmation from the website support.

According to the transportation contract, Yazd Airlines does not accept any responsibility regarding the transportation of the following items accepted in Jamehdan: cash, gold, jewelry or any precious metals, antiques, commercial documents, collateral, documents and guarantees. bank letters and the like, any car keys and switches, tablets, laptops, mobile phones and other similar electrical devices, cameras, credit cards, passports and identification documents and any similar items, so please do not put the above items in the admission bag Avoid separation.

No, for security reasons, please refrain from carrying any load separately for other people.

Yazd Airlines carries a baby stroller as an accepted passenger’s luggage on all types of aircraft at all stations for free: a normal folding stroller for a baby in addition to the allowed baggage allowance with an adult

No, it is not possible to carry a stroller in the airplane cabin, and the passenger is required to hand over the stroller when boarding at the exit door, in which case the limit tag will be used for the final destination in the name of the passenger.

The portable wardrobe inside the cabin should be at most 23 x 40 x 55 cm. Also, the weight of the clothes inside the cabin is 5 kg for economy class passengers on domestic and foreign routes and 7 kg for business class passengers.

• A handbag or laptop or Samsung bag
• Overcoat, blanket or sheet
• An umbrella or cane
• Small camera
• Magazine or book
• Baby food for use in flight
• A pair of crutches or braces
• Disinfection spray 100 ml
• Items purchased from Duty Free

The passenger is allowed to carry baggage up to the amount stated in the ticket, and carrying any baggage with excess weight will be carried out by paying the excess baggage fee and according to the current conditions and procedures of the airline company.

In case of any damage or loss of luggage, the passenger whose name has been issued to the airline company should fill out the loss or damage declaration form before leaving the baggage delivery hall and hand it over to the representative of the airline company. Legal deadline (21 days) to file a written complaint in the social affairs of Yazd Airlines

The passenger undertakes to strictly refrain from delivering any prohibited or dangerous cargo according to international aviation laws and regulations and any cargo that endangers the safety and security of the flight of the plane, people or property on the plane.

1- Radioactive materials: radioactive materials exposed to radiation.
2- Types of sprays: spray tanks, including deodorizing sprays and…
3- Magnetic objects: magnets, batteries and magnetic objects.
4- Types of capsules: gas lighter, oxygen and any type of gas capsule.
5- types of poisons: powder, liquid and spray, laboratory products, infectious substances.
6- Types of acidic substances: wet batteries, acidic substances, acidic liquids.
7- All kinds of explosives: all kinds of ammunition, explosives, firecrackers and fireworks.
8- Types of weapons: any firearm or cold weapon (knife, scissors, knife, collet…)
9- Incendiary types: 1 match (not allowed in clothes)
10- Oxidizer types: oxidizing and oxidizing agents, detergents and disinfectants.

Explosives – Chemicals – Acidic substances – Gases – Capsules – Cold weapons Foods such as: pickles – lemon juice – vinegar

The living creature is received at the airport counter along with the passenger and handed over to the passenger at the destination airport in the Jamehdan reception hall.

In domestic flights, this service is provided if the passenger cannot travel with his animal. The animal is accepted at the cargo terminal and handed over at the destination airport to the person named in the bill of lading at the place of clearance of the bill of lading.

• The minimum weight of a live animal with a cage is 5 kg
• The cost of transporting a live animal, if it is a bird, the amount of extra freight multiplied by 4
• The cost of transporting a live animal, if it is a domestic animal, the excess amount multiplied by 2

• The original valid health certificate issued by the veterinarian of the country of origin Written confirmation of airport veterinary quarantine (if needed)
• Valid vaccination documents
• Birth certificate or passport of the animal
• Payment of freight
• Completion of the special form for transporting living organisms

It is not possible to carry live organisms on BAE/RJ aircraft. Also, according to the restrictions of the destination city and country, before preparing the ticket, make sure that it is possible to carry live animals at the destination.

People with severe anemia, hemoglobin less than 7 g/dL, are banned from flying.

Eye diseases, recent eye surgeries, penetrating eye injuries are prohibited from flying.

Pregnant women up to the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy with a medical certificate stamped by a gynecologist and obstetrician indicating their health, are allowed to travel by plane, their gestational age and estimated date of delivery, they are allowed to fly.

Cardiovascular patients, any critical condition and congestive heart failure, chest pain, heart attack in the last two weeks, cardiac angioplasty in the last week are banned from flying.

In cases where the sick traveler does not hide and declare his illness and also does not carry a medical certificate in cases where it is necessary, any responsibility and cost of non-acceptance is the responsibility of the traveler and he must take the necessary medicines during the trip. Bring your own hand bag and check the medical documents with the medical unit of Yazd Air.

Yes, if 24 hours have passed since the treatment.

Severe burns, infectious and transmissible diseases, lung diseases and severe asthma, chest surgery in the last two weeks and infectious diseases in the acute stage that put other passengers at risk.