Disabled passenger (blind, deaf and wheelchair)

خدمات ویلچر در شرکت هواپیمایی یزد

A disabled passenger refers to a passenger who needs special attention during the trip due to physical, physical and health conditions, or by carrying items such as wheelchairs, oxygen capsules, etc., to special services to perform Travel is required.
Pregnant mothers more than 28 weeks and up to 32 weeks, as well as passengers with acute health or health conditions and with air travel restrictions, must have a license and certificate of permission to fly from their doctor.

Examples of disabled travelers:

Pregnant mothers, people with physical disabilities, elderly people who need help to move, travelers who need a wheelchair to move, travelers who need oxygen capsules or breathing aid devices to breathe, etc. …
It is recommended that disabled travelers do not travel alone and preferably with a companion, and otherwise, someone is ready to welcome them at the destination.
Blind and deaf people
Blind passengers must be accompanied by at least one escort (companion) who is healthy and of the same language, and at least 1 escort is needed for every 3 blind passengers.
These people do not need to present a medical certificate. In case of a group trip, it is necessary to provide a permit for coordination, the presence of a healthy, capable and speaking companion for this group of travelers at all stages of the trip. Accompanying this group of passengers by Yazd Airlines personnel is not subject to payment.
According to the regulations and instructions of Yazd Airlines and the capacity of each plane, only passengers who have registered their cabin wheelchair request through reservation and the SSR code is included in their ticket are allowed to be accepted at the airport and use a wheelchair. Passengers who need to use a wheelchair without a medical certificate must register their request when purchasing a ticket. It is possible for disabled passengers to use a personal wheelchair until boarding the plane. It is worth mentioning that if the capacity is full, it is not possible to register a wheelchair request, also the wheelchair acceptance capacity for BAe aircraft is 1 person and for Airbus 310-304, 5 people.
Battery powered wheelchairs
Wheelchair or other mobility aids with wet or dry battery while protecting the battery from electrical connection, safe packaging and approved by the representative of Yazd Airlines are carried in the cargo area of the plane. The aircraft warehouse is transported).
The wheelchair has a removable lithium-ion battery with a maximum capacity of 300 W/H or two batteries with a maximum capacity of 160 W/H, while being packed and approved by the representative of Yazd Airlines, it is transported only in the passenger cabin.
In order to benefit from the special services for the disabled, please enter the necessary information in the special services tab on the Yazdair airline website and follow up and make the necessary arrangements with the support unit at least 5 hours before the flight.

To register, please call 09025645995 or +982137993144.