About us

هواپیمایی یزد ایر

Company’s introduction:

On Friday 17th February 2023 parallel to the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Yazd Airways initiated its first flight as an independent air operator from Tehran to the world’s first civilization constructed by raw clay bricks known as Yazd. After this Yazd Airways is officially announced as an airline conducting flights in this region.

Company’s Vision:

According to the international registration of Yazd which is known as the first raw clay city in the world, as well as the announcement of tourism industry development, the main goal of Yazd Airways is to develop the foreign air transportation system and establish international relations, which after this is hoped to increase the number of flights in the near future followed by development in the company’s fleet size this shows the increasing prosperity of this industry in Yazd province, followed by the arrival of passengers and tourists from all over Iran and the world to Yazd.

Yazd Airways Flight Destinations:

Yazd Airways destinations are domestic cities in Iran and foreign countries. The foreign flight destinations are Iraq-Najaf, UAE-Dubai, India-Mumbai, and Turkey-Istanbul, which are carried out by Airbus 310 aircraft, and the domestic flight destinations are currently Tehran, Mashhad, Yazd which is done by BAe AVRO RJ 146 fleet. This list will be increased to more domestic and international destinations in the near future.